Sunday, 31 October 2010
Cheese is one of my favourite things in the world. Therefore this post is dedicated to cheesy based breads.

The first experience of cheese-orientated bread was chilli cheddar bread. Recipe can be found here. Sadly I wasn't organised enough to have wholemeal flour, so instead, I used 50g of Allinson's Seed and Grain flour. It seemed to work out okay.

My only concern is that the majority of the chilli pieces seemed to sink to the bottom of the bread (see right).  It worked reasonably well, although the chillies I used - bog-standard red chillies from Tesco - just didn't really seem to add that much flavour.  The bread smelled a bit odd too.  The taste was good but not particularly cheesy or chilli-y.

After this (well, actually, after the MONSTER french bread loaf I'll be writing about at another time) I tried a recipe given to me by my future sister-in-law: -

It calls for the following -
280ml water
400g white bread flour
1 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
50 g grated parmesan cheese (I've been using slightly cheaper Grana Padano)
50g chopped sundried tomatoes - use the ones that have been soaked in oil.  If dried, soak in water for fifteen minutes.
3/4 tsp yeast

This was undeniably the lightest bread we've had so far.  The top is a little crinkly and airy and again, whilst the bread doesn't taste strongly of either tomato or cheese, it tasted nice.  So nice I've made another one (along with another banana nut loaf) to take with me to a Halloween party today.  

The third loaf was another of those packet loaves.  

Properly cheesy, properly oniony.  Achieved with the help of Wright's - 

On this note - a quick gratuitous picture of little D attempting to eat a carrot (he sadly failed but it's the first thing he's properly held himself) Apologies for the weird angle, it's difficult to take photos and hold baby on your lap at the same time.  There were about fifteen failed attempts that took excellent pictures of the wall before this...- 

Oh and g'wan, one of little D as a pumpkin - 

Happy Halloween!

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