Early dabbling

Saturday, 16 October 2010
My early loaves have really been about following the rules.  I've become a little more of a dabbler as time has gone on and the rules are less important.

My very first loaf was from a white bread packet mix from Sainsburys.  I was more than a little eager to make use of my new present and the packet mixes take an hour less to cook than the 'from scratch' ones.  As you can see, it looks slightly anaemic.  I've discovered that I'm not all that keen on anything other than the darkest crust setting.  I like my bread crusty!

It made a gorgeous sandwich but on comparison with later loaves was actually a bit denser, not as light and fluffy as others.  

Loaf #2 was an absolute monster of a loaf.  It was my first attempt at a 1kg loaf, which was a bit big for our two and a bit person family.  The bit isn't yet enjoying bread, so 1kg of bread between two of us was a bit of an ask.  However, some nice oils later - I'm quite partial to lemon infused it turns out, and we had conquered it.  It's an egg-enriched white loaf, recipe can be found here.  It was crusty, it was light, it was excellent.


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