It's all a bit seedy

Sunday, 17 October 2010
Loaves three and four were about satisfying my love for poppy seeds.  Bread with poppy seeds in are far tastier.  I have absolutely no idea why because really, they don't add all that much.  The first one I attempted was a multi-seeded one, the recipe for it can be found here.  It looks a bit disappointing in terms of size as it was my first 500g loaf but it was absolutely gorgeous.  I'd be tempted to up the quantity of seeds used in it though next time I attempt it.

After this, with my newly purchased bag of poppy seeds I made another egg-enriched white bread but deviated from the recipe by adding some poppy seeds - truly rebellious of me.  I went for the rapid bake option.  A bit of a mistake as it turned out - one end of the loaf was pretty much completely made up of flour. Not tasty and therefore the end ended up in the bin.  Such a waste of possibly lovely crusty bread just because I wasn't organised or patient enough to wait for the full cycle.  I'll have another go at rapid bake another day just in case it was just misfortune but I've heard of other people who have had the same problem.  


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