James Martin Bakery range

Friday, 7 October 2011
I am always on the look for new products whilst wandering the aisles at the supermarket.  Well, I say wander, more like dash quickly before the small one runs out of patience with the shopping thing.  Worse, he's started to try and climb out of the trolley.  Anyway, I digress.  This is what I discovered on my jaunt around Tesco on Monday.  

James Martin is clearly branching out and following in the footsteps of Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey.  Oliver is particularly forging ahead in the supermarkets.  Have you seen just how much he sells these days?  Not only pasta but fish, herbs, meat and cheese.  

This comes in a very unusual package, it looks more like a bag of crisps than a packet of flour.  I couldn't wait to make use of the new mix and so set to it at the first available opportunity.  Today.  I'm sad to say that I'm a tiny bit disappointed.  The crust is nicely chewy and the flour is light.  So why the disappointment?  Well, it just didn't really taste like it had any onion in it.  

In the battle of the onion breads, the winner is definitely Wessex Mill's bread flour.

The James Martin bakery range has two strands - cake mixes and bread mixes.  This breadmaker doesn't really stretch to cakes that often (unless they have a savoury slant) so I won't be investigating those.  I did buy the garlic and rosemary foccacia mix - although I'm fairly happy with the Wright's mix if I want to go for the easy option there.  I'm currently considering having a go at bread without the bread maker.  I'm interested in the soda bread mix.  I'd like to see what the difference is between breadmaker bread and handmade bread.  That's probably a job for the holidays and time though.

I made a veggie chilli with black beans rather than kidney this evening.  It worked.  Veggie chilli is one of my favourite batch meals to make.  I've made enough this evening for two adults and five almost-toddler portions.  

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