Lemony Aubergine pasta sauce

Thursday, 20 June 2013
I was going to hold off on making this for a while - feeling that my inspirations should probably come from different places.  However, my love for the idea of this recipe was so great that I just couldn't.  It's another from imcountingufoz.com and frankly, it's brilliant.  At least two of my friends are already preparing to make it in the near future.  

Her original recipe is here.

My version adapted it a little but the components are still roughly the same (excluding olives which I'm afraid I hate).  

One tablespoon of olive oil
One banana shallot (as discussed in my last post)
Two cartons of chopped tomatoes (800g in total)
One whole aubergine, diced into small cubes
Half a lemon zested and juiced
Large handful of fresh basil and thyme

Instructions are as on the initial link.

This was SOOOO good.  In fact, it's on next week's menu too.  "It doesn't taste like tomato!" my husband proclaimed - yes, we've probably been a bit too tomato orientated lately...

I split it into three portions and this works out at 1pp a serving (just the olive oil).  Alongside 50g of pasta and two teaspoons of parmesan, this still only comes to 7pp which is pretty good for something so very tasty.  

Highly recommended.  

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