Review - Graze porridge boxes

Tuesday, 25 June 2013
I've been a fan of Graze boxes for a long time.  A quick search through my emails tells me that I first signed up back in February 2009, meaning I've been getting these lovely boxes through my letterbox for almost four and a half years now.  When I started with the box it used to be fresh fruit - a model that the company have long since abandoned.  Instead, they moved into making elaborate mixtures of dried fruit, nuts and seeds.  I'm also pleased to share that they have a range of snacks that are between 1 and 4 propoints, that I make good use of during the working week.  The higher pointed options I share with D.  My favourite snacks include the salsa fresca (1 pro point), the herby bread basket (3 pro points), the bonnie wee oatcakes (3 pro points) and the popcorn (3 pro points).  The latter is particularly effective at evincing comment from my colleagues when it's made in the office microwave...

I've introduced at least two colleagues (and possibly a third but she may have heard about it from elsewhere....) and handed gift vouchers to a good friend and my Dad.  The box arriving is one of my son's favourite times.  He loves to collect the post and is eager for me to open (and share) the box straight away.

So... when an option to join the breakfast club came up on the Graze website I was keen and signed up immediately.  Shortly after, I was invited and sent a free taster.  My first box contained four different porridges - walnut and pecan, apple and cinnamon, hazelnut and raisin (with yogurt coated sunflower seeds) and cherry and almond.  The three without the seeds came with a small portion of honey.

Sadly, I didn't have the foresight to take a picture of that box, so instead you have this week's offering.

(I'm spending a bit of time working on my Photoshop skills for work - so an image of the box in my favourite country seemed a good option!) 

As ever, I've propointed everything but be aware, I'm not a fan of honey, so I have slightly lowered the propoints taking this into account.  I weighed 15ml of honey in the pack, so removed two propoints per serving for the honeyed ones.  Milk is not included in the pointing, I allow myself 154ml a day of skimmed milk for 1 propoint.  I use about 70-100ml on this, topping up with a little bit of water.
Walnut and Pecan - 3propoints (5 with the honey)
Cherry and Almond - 3 propoints (5 with the honey)
Apple and Cinnamon - 2 propoints (4 with the honey) - lighter than my usual go-to of Oat so simple
Hazelnut and Flame Raisin - 5 propoints
Blueberry and Lingonberry - 4 propoints
Coconut and Date (with yoghurt coated seeds) - 5 propoints
Blackcurrant and Cranberry - 2 propoints

I am a convert.  It's nice to break up the usual staple of Oat So Simple and try some new flavours.  My favourites so far are the walnut and pecan and the hazelnut and raisin.  I wasn't sure how the yoghurt coated seeds would be but actually, they're a really tasty addition.  The hazelnut one feels like a particularly indulgent treat - which is funny as I'll happily waste 6pp on my breakfast at school with an instant porridge, usually the Alpen fruit and nut.

The instructions are all provided but they are pretty similar to the other brands - stick the oats in a bowl, add the milk, cook for three minutes.

If you're interested in being part of the Graze breakfast club, please use 6QLP544.  At £2.99 a box, it's a little pricier than the world of Oat So and Alpen but it's a definite highlight of my week.  You've nothing to lose as you'll get your first box for free.  I think you'll need to be a member of Graze already and if you haven't had that joy, sign up with JV1P9YJ.   Your tummy will thank you for it.

I'm looking forward to the next expansion in their business - Graze Kids.  I know that D will be excited to have a try.

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