Review: - Philadelphia Simply Stir Garlic and Herb

Saturday, 15 June 2013
One of the things about my cooking style is that I'm constantly looking for new products and new recipes.  I rarely cook something more than a handful of times, bar a few really stalwart favourites - some of which have appeared on this blog in the past.  I'm a bit fickle I guess.  

On a Thursday evening, I spend my time planning the week's food shop and the new recipes I'll try out.  I also spend a bit of time plugging things in to the Weight Watchers website.  As part of my planning I tend to make a beeline for the 'What's new' sections of each of my favourites - to get new ideas, try new things and because there are often quite decent discounts as these products are introduced.  

One product that caught my eye in this was was Philadelphia's Simply Stir Garlic and Herb.  Philly have been capitalising on their use in a variety of recipes in the last few years, providing more and more ideas for how to incorporate their products in everyday meals.  To go one step further and provide a cook-in sauce with a recipe seems to make sense.  

The recipe on the back suggests chicken fillets cooked in the sauce with new potatoes and green beans. Something that on another day I'd be keen to do, substituting the chicken for Quorn.  Tonight however, with a raft of spare propoints, a big chunk of pasta was what was needed, leading to this for dinner: - 

Quorn peppered steak, 50g pasta (cooked and drained) with half a pack of the simply stir sauce (heated through gently).  12pp.  

It's a tasty sauce, reminding me a little more of Primula chives than Philadelphia.  However, I know that I can make a decent sauce myself with a good slab of the soft cheese and a little bit of milk to thin it out.  With that in mind, I think it unlikely we'll get it again unless it's on special offer.  It's on sale at Tescos for £1 a pack at the moment (normally £2) and 2 for 1 at Sainsburys.  We still have the mushroom option to try at a later date.  Half a pouch works out at 4 pro points.

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