Skinny butternut squash and aubergine curry

Friday, 7 June 2013
When imcountingufoz shared her Skinny sweet potato and aubergine curry recipe, I was keen to give it a try, with a few ideas of tweaks that could make it more propoint friendly.  

One of my favourite ingredients, as mentioned in the last post, is butternut squash.  A free ingredient that is so filling.  I'm slowly winning D, my son, over to it.  It's proving to be a lot more difficult than I expected!  Butternut squash - great for the diet, rubbish for the temperament.  I found it so irritating and refuse to pay the extra for the pre-sliced.  I recently discovered, thanks to my friend Sarah, that there is an easier way to prepare it.  Pierce it and microwave it for three minutes.  Job done.  So much easier, far less likely to involve losing a finger or my temper.  

I felt that this was a little more watery than I would have liked - I guess that this is the difference between the butternut squash and the sweet potato.  I'd add a bit more squash and maybe a little less stock next time.  It's worth having another go at though, it was such a filling meal and points out so low.  It's fairly low maintenance and reasonably quick to make.

D refused to try the aubergine but did have some of the butternut squash which broke down nicely.  The husband thought it was tasty.  Not a bad response.  

Stats - 
Servings - 4 
Propoints - 1

Ingredients: -

Frylight spray
One onion, blitzed in a food processor
1 tsp coriander, 1 tsp cumin seeds, 1/2 tsp mustard seeds, 1/2 tsp dried ginger (I used about a teaspoon of frozen instead) all smashed in the pestle and mortar
One red chilli, finely sliced
One aubergine - diced
About half a Queen butternut squash (bought from Sainsburys - who don't seem to have it on their tills...) - diced
500ml veg stock
200g cherry tomatoes, halved
15g red lentils
45g frozen peas

Method: -

Spray your wok with the frylight, add the onion.  Fry for a couple of minutes, making sure you watch it - it's quick to turn!  Add the spices and red chilli and coat the onions with them   

Add the aubergine and the butternut squash and mix with the spices to get all of the flavour through the veggies.  

At this point, the stock, lentils and cherry tomatoes should be added.  A quick stir and then I realised my mistake - wrong pan!  My wok doesn't have a lid so I improvised with a plate. This may have led to some of my water issues.  

The mixture was left for thirty minutes to bubble away.  Then a final fifteen minutes with the plate removed to bubble away a little more of that stock.  In the last five minutes, add the peas to cook them through.  

I served with 30g of white basmati rice, adding a further 3 propoints.  

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