Sunday soup - Spinach and nutmeg

Sunday, 23 June 2013
Just a quick one this week.  I attribute a lot of my weight loss to my soup making.  I've gone from tins of soup + a roll and butter to just homemade soups.  My calculation is that I've saved about 9 propoints by making this switch.  Good news this week is that I've reached the halfway mark to goal.  

As hinted last week it was a return to green soup today.  It's certainly a vibrant one.  Sadly, I just don't seem to make a soup with spinach as the main ingredient that I feel pleased with.  I'll keep trying... much like I'll keep trying to make nice swirly patterns with cream (this was meant to be a butterfly...)

From Covent Garden's recipe book mentioned a couple of weeks ago.  The recipe can be found here..  Mostly because I didn't know what to do with the surplus, I upped the spinach content by 100g and dropped the stock content by 200ml.  By my calculations this came out at 2 pro points per serving.

Next week's soup is also likely to be a green one...


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