Sunday Soup: Asparagus, Cucumber and Pea

Monday, 10 June 2013
I regularly get given cook books for presents.  I love this - there is nothing quite like flicking through a new book and choosing what I'll have a go at next.

A book that has been a definite hit was one bought by my husband - Covent Garden's A Soup for Every Day.  It boasts 365 recipes for soup, with soups that are appropriate for season and occasion.  There have been some hits - butternut squash and parmesan was a definite hit - and some less successful ones - tomato and tarragon was a difficult one to get through, not least because I've discovered I don't actually like tarragon...  

I'm making my way through the vegetarian soups, one a week, roughly in line with the dates given in the book.  I've made a new soup most weeks since receiving the book back in October.  

I'll make it on Sunday and share with the husband and D and then take to work for the week.  As a result, I'm not pulled to the canteen at work.

This week's recipe was asparagus, cucumber and pea.

As is always the case, I made a few tweaks to this - mostly slightly boosting the veg content and slightly dropping the stock content - I like my soups thick.  I also cut the butter down

This is an excellent little soup - I wasn't sure about the cucumber but it adds a subtle flavour.  Sadly, I think that this will be the last asparagus recipe I do this year.  The asparagus is really far too woody at this end of the season.

With my tweaks, it works out at 2pp a serving (290g)


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