Zero point icecream recipe

Friday, 28 June 2013
One of the first posts I made here was about trying my son out on banana as a first food.  Banana is another thing that has been a real saviour for me - a banana about breakfast time help to keep me going through the day.  I think the abundance of bananas has led to D deciding that he doesn't really like them any more.  

We seem to be having some problems with keeping bananas for any length of time.  Our house is a bit of a glasshouse and so the tell-tale twinges of brown are appearing on the skins of bananas a little quickly.  In the search for something to do with them, I discovered frozen banana.  

It's simple - Freeze banana coins (I missed out on this instruction, meaning I had some issues with the puree stage...).  Puree banana coins.

That's it.  I gather you can refreeze it but it was quite tasty as it was and both D and I polished it off within minutes.  I'm going to try and play with the recipe a little - adding cinnamon is my next choice.  


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