Mama Ghannouj

Friday, 19 July 2013
I found this recipe on Ohmyveggies which is fast becoming one of my favourite veggie blogs out there - so pretty and with so many ideas to try - my Pinterest is beginning to look like the back catalogue!

I mentioned in several posts recently that courgette is a regular feature on the menu and this post is testimony to that.  Mama Ghannouj  was the first post that caught my eye - a dip that resembles baba ghannouj but replaces the aubergine with courgette.  D is normally a huge fan of 'dippy-dip' and he's been guzzling all of the courgette based soups we've had recently but this was obviously a step too thick.  However, it was something that I'll be trying again!  It looks so fresh and vibrant on the plate and  the tahini helps to make it taste a little like another of my favourites - houmous.  I was so eager to try it that I probably should have left it to cool for a little longer - a little more forward planning needed in the future I think.

I slightly adapted the recipe, a teaspoon less oil and a tablespoon less tahini - although I struggle a little with working out how to convert American cups to English measurements!  I worked out that it made three servings at 3 pro points/points plus per serving with my alterations, 4pp if you go with the original recipe.

Three Ryvita made this a lunch of 6pp in total.  Not too bad.  At the time it didn't feel all that filling and I was all set to return to soup forever more, however, I realised that I hadn't had my daily banana and after that, all was good.  I didn't then feel hungry for the whole afternoon and I'm sitting on five spare points this evening.  I might well be indulging in a little more dip whilst catching up with a bit of American TV.

As an aside, I haven't had Ryvita in the longest time - it's just too diety food for me but I really had a hankering for it with this.

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