Moroccan Root Tagine

Tuesday, 9 July 2013
This is a bit of an odd one.  In discussion with a friend, I suddenly realised that this isn't all that Moroccan really - lacking in the majority of the ingredients that I'd expect to find.  This led to an amusing conversation about stew and D and his friend declaring that the other was stew.  I have no idea but it amused them.

In an attempt to make this a little more appealing to D, I doubled the chickpeas.  I also boosted the veg content, doubling the tomatoes and adding another courgette and a leek.  Next time, I don't think I'd do that - the result was quite watery.  The resulting flavours were nice but it felt that a lot of the tomato was lost in a watery sauce.  I'll give this another go without attempting changing the water content!  

I pointed this at 4 pro points for the original recipe, 5pp if you double the chick peas and serve three.  

The original recipe can be found here.


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