Pumpkin and cauli macaroni

Tuesday, 30 July 2013
Recently, we seem to be having a lot of those lovely days that are filled with lots of activity - today we went from one playgroup straight to Tumble Tots with nary a gap in between the two.  Lots of fun but when added to the glorious (dare I say it... dare I say slightly muggy?) weather we've been having, I'm just not feeling up to doing much actual cooking.

That feels like a rather large confession.  I very nearly didn't make this meal this evening and went with an old favourite - couscous with roasted vegetables as it all seemed somewhat easier.  

As it turned out, this was so quick and easy to make that I really needn't have nearly changed the plan.  

A colleague recently mentioned that I don't make things easy for myself because I'm dieting in the height of summer and opting for winter foods.  She's probably right.  Having said that though, I had a salad today that I ended up pointing at 12pp... summery but not all that good for the diet!

One of the things I've been starting to crave a little since the diet kicked in is macaroni cheese.  Again, another winter food but it's so very tasty.  This recipe makes it a little more autumnal, making use of pumpkin to beef up the sauce.  As I was making this for D as well I opted for full fat butter rather than light.  I did stick with the skimmed milk though.  

Ever since I saw an episode of Jamie's meals combining macaroni and cauliflower cheese, I've included this floreted friend.  D declared that he 'LOVES broccoli' in the middle of the meal.  I'm fairly sure that he ate more of the cauliflower than the pasta - a definite bonus.  

Sage and pumpkin are such a beautiful combination and making good use of the sage that is growing in wilty abundance in the garden is great.  I now just try to need to come up with some plans for the rest of the can of pumpkin purée!

D was also involved in the preparation.  Our little herb garden is looking really quite sad at the moment - scorched and a little wilty.  He's helping me out with his little watering can - a milk bottle with a few skewered holes in the top.  He loves doing this and actually has a bit of empathy with the herbs, worrying that they are a little thirsty.

As an aside, this makes me think of today's cheeky behaviour from my three year old.  He out and out cheated in a race earlier today.  
Me: Let's see who can get up to your room first!
D: Okay! 
We both start travelling up the stairs.
D: Mummy, I'm thirsteeeeeeeee!
I go to get him a drink of water from the kitchen, as any good mother would, only to hear:
D: Ha!  I win Mummy, I win!


Pumpkin and cauli macaroni (3 servings)

Ingredients: - 
170g macaroni
15g butter
15g plain flour
186ml skimmed milk
93g pumpkin puree
5g mustard powder
5g nutmeg
113g mature grated cheese
half a head of cauliflower
sprinkle of salt and pepper

Follow instructions as provided in link.  

This comes to 10pp per serving.  So incredibly tasty.  Going back to making this again very very soon.


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