Review: Bear's Alphabites

Friday, 5 July 2013
I'll admit it. I, like many, am a sucker for some brands. When Bear announced that they were expanding their range and introducing Alphabites, despite this being a little away from their usual fruit-based snacks, I was searching Waitrose faster than you can say 'new cereal that's formed into letters'.  Well... maybe not quite that fast.  There was Tumble Tots to experience and lunch at a coffee shop to enjoy.

Anyway, the look on D's face when he saw this new cereal was something to picture.  Possibly as good as the face he pulled when we made sweetcorn fritters.

This is a boy who loves the alphabet so much that he is almost definitely my son.  What probably also makes him my son is that he opted for the cocoa version rather than the standard.

The back of each packet with its fact sheet.  Every little detail is carefully considered and D was kept amused for a full half hour while a friend almost unintentionally stole a salmon.  

D had two bowls.  He's already talking about how he wants to take it to nursery with him on Monday and can he please have it tomorrow too?  

At £2.69 a box, it's a little pricier than I would normally go for but it's tasty and entirely devoid of the sugar present in his current favourite 'peoples' (Kellogg's multi-grain shapes).  Instead of this, some sweetness is delivered by coconut blossom nectar, along with unsweetened cocoa.  For ultimate piece of mind, it's made with four different grains - wheat, oats, corn and rice.  Not only that but his excitement over finding a lot of 'd' in his bowl was entirely infectious and sometimes it's worth spending a little more for the joy.  It's tasty too - I have to admit to trying a few letters just to make sure this was an honest review.  D was overjoyed that the milk was turned chocolatey.  

Alphabites are currently only available in Waitrose.  Ocado don't currently stock it - but I've put in a request!

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