Spicy sweet potato: Sunday Soup

Sunday, 14 July 2013
Good news this week, got to my next mini-goal.  Such a good feeling.  Sad to say that the dress that I had intended to be my prize was out of stock at my local Dorothy Perkins though...

I have a feeling that this week's results won't be so good though - I've been on holiday - well, two nights away - in Bognor.  I have so much I want to say about this but it's late, the eyelids are drooping and I still have a million things I need to do before tomorrow morning.  I'll return to a proper post about this later in the week when time is more on my side.  Suffice it to say, in short, that the weekend was a whirlwind of things and the weather was absolutely outstanding.  Having pointed my splurge, I'm currently 22 propoints in deficit.  Oops!

This week's soup, thankfully, was a quick one.  Good thing too - I'm pulled between my complete exhaustion and my slight guilt over the mammoth cookie waffle sundae I had this afternoon.

Makes two servings: 3pp per bowl.  Bear in mind that servings/points will depend on the size of your potato/sweet potato.

Basically, sweat a red onion in a tablespoon of olive oil.  Add some spices - ginger, coriander, cayenne, curry powder and cumin.  Add a diced sweet potato and an old potato and some vegetable stock - around 400ml.  Bubble away for about twenty minutes on a medium heat - keep an eye - mine actually needed a little more stock and a little less time.  Blend.  Swirl through 10g of natural yoghurt per bowl if you are a little more organised than me and have it.  Add some lime juice to taste.

Ah... this photo could have been so much better...

Weekly plan: -

Monday: - Alpen Ready to go porridge (6pp), Graze Brownie (4pp), Spicy sweet potato soup (3pp), Blue Dragon black pepper sauce (2pp), Sharwood's straight to wok noodles (5pp), veggies.
Tuesday: Quaker's caramel ready to go porridge (6pp), Spicy sweet potato soup (3pp), Graze after dinner mint (5pp), 40g pasta (4pp), Dolmio sauce with extra mushroom (3pp for half a jar), 100g quorn mince (2pp)
Wednesday: Graze hazelnut and flame raisin porridge (5pp), 100ml skimmed milk (1pp), courgette polpette (6pp with some tweaks), 40g couscous (4pp) with mediterranean veg.
Thursday: Two Alpen light bars (3pp), Graze My Thai (3pp), spicy sweet potato soup (3pp) and meal out at Carluccio's with mum friends
Friday: Cherry and Almond Graze porridge (no honey) (3pp), 100ml skimmed milk (1pp), filled peppers with smashed new potatoes (10pp)

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