Stuffed peppers (Simply Stir Philadelphia style!)

Tuesday, 16 July 2013
While the Philadelphia Simply Stir sachets are still on special offer, I decided to try out one of the recipes from the Philadelphia website.  Baked peppers with couscous was a recipe that really appealed to me - stuffed peppers are something that I love eating, with the pepper being just a little cooked and soft but still able to retain yummy stuff inside.

I decided to adapt it a little bit making it look a bit more like Imcountingufoz's version.  I love the idea of the little peppers with hats and I thought that D would get a kick out of it too.

Remind me next time I do this to make sure that I have peppers with better bottoms!  I attempted to cut a little bit off the bottoms to even them out but even with this, these things were slip-sliding all over and making my tired brain explode with rage.  Not my finest moment in the kitchen.  On further consideration, I also think a lasagne type dish would probably be better for keeping them upright.  My baking tray is slightly warped.  

Serving them this way seemed to leave me with quite a lot of mixture left over - I cooked this in a little ceramic dish.  Apart from this issue however, this was such a good meal.  I served with some smashed new potatoes - still very much in season and a really good addition to this.  If I was low on points I might opt for a side salad or some mediterranean veg.

All in, this plate worked out at 8 pro points - 1pp for 15g of couscous, 2pp for 65g of the stir sauce (this is a third of the pouch), 4pp for 200g of potatoes and 1pp for 5g of butter.  

Not the best picture in the world!
I'd like to try out the recipe linked earlier in this piece - I have another harissa recipe so it's good to find more with this ingredient.  I also need to think about how I can adapt this for D - the courgette issue meant that he hardly ate any of this and I think otherwise, he'd really like it.  I'm seriously considering peas or sweetcorn for his version instead.  With maybe a few tiny bits of courgette in.

A second attempt at this was much more successful on the bottoms issue (look, now I've brought it up once, I can't help but keep referring to it.  Sorry!) but needs a little further work.  This time I included the mushroom Simply Stir sauce (also 4pp per half pouch), courgette chunks and red onion.  I'm a little happier with this than the tomatoes but I didn't love the mushroom sauce.  It smelled a little like cream of mushroom soup and tasted a little synthetic I'm sad to say.  

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