Sunday no soup

Sunday, 28 July 2013
I'm afraid, as announced on Twitter yesterday, there is to be no Sunday soup this week.  Ocado aren't delivering until tomorrow and my scales are bust.  So no Sunday soup.  There is a soup in the off but it will be made (and hopefully shared) tomorrow.

Sunday soup posts are also about catching up with what's been happening with us and goodness, did we have a busy few days.

We had two plans afoot for the weekend - the Harbour Festival and Gromit Unleashed.  I've started to sort through the photos - around 175 in all but think it will take me a little longer than I have this evening to do it justice.  So I'll leave you with just one teaser photo - I'll be back with much more to say tomorrow!

The weekend has left me a little bit pink despite some overcast skies - how was the first weekend of the school holidays for you?


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