Broccoli and sriracha spring rolls

Tuesday, 20 August 2013
Hmm.  When I came across the recipe for broccoli and sriracha spring rolls on FoodDoodles, I was intrigued.  Not least because I thought spring rolls were hard to make.  Based on this recipe, nothing could be further from the truth, beyond the RSI from chopping the veggies teeny tiny.

I got my spring roll wrappers from Ocado (Blue Dragon brand) - they were rice ones and I think this was a bit of a mistake - these see through parcels weren't quite what I was looking for.

Check out the thin rice wrappers!
The edges of the rolls came out crunchy, the middle a little chewy.  I'm going to give this recipe a try again but steam them, as suggested on the packet.  Ocado accidentally sent me two sets of the wrappers, so more reason to do it.  D wasn't sure about them but did pick away at bits of one, declaring that he liked the broccoli and the crunchy bits on the ends.  Both husband and I put these away quite successfully.

These wrappers didn't need the flour as they stuck together like glue.  I halved the ingredients from the original recipe and only used 12 wrappers.  I used tenderstem broccoli and the florets as well as the stems.  This mixture was a little short for the packages - I'll bump up to 600g next time.

I'm also going to try to find the proper spring roll wrappers.

I had four of the rolls and this came to 7 propoints.

I served with 30g of egg noodles boiled and then stir fried with a tin of stir fry veg and some Sharwoods sweet and sour sauce.  (4pp in total)

For 11 propoints, this was an epic meal.

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