Courgette pizza base

Sunday, 25 August 2013
We're away this week in Bristol, attempting to see as many of the remaining Gromits as we can along with D's Granny.  As a result, Sunday soup is on a bit of a hiatus.  It will probably be back next week. I should probably share here that I lost another lb this week, meaning that my goal is now less than half a stone away and I'm almost the same weight that I was when I got married.  Lowest weight I've been since my early teens, so a great step forward.

In Sunday Soup's place, have a post about something going horribly wrong instead!

Ugh. Not the most appetising word to begin the recipe part of this post with but the most accurate, sadly.

Look at this lovely picture: - Makes you salivate, doesn't it? Well... unless you're weird and don't like mushrooms that is. Or pizza. Or cheese (honestly, this might not be the best blog to read if that's the case!)

Once a month we used to do pizza night. Since D was small, once a month, we've made pizza as a family. I'm struggling to remember when it began but I'd guess when he was about a year. At first, he did very little (of course) but as the months went by, he was more and more aware and the last time, he even actually ate some of the pizza. In the past he'd gorged on passata, sweetcorn, pepper and cheese while 'making' his pizza. He's got better at rolling out the dough and smoothing the passata on. He still needed some help but each time he got better.

Then I stopped pizza night for a bit. January was all a bit stressful for me and I'm not sure we really did it again since. The dieting also makes it difficult to do. My standard pizza base comes in at about 27pp before adding cheese. As I'm 'allowed' 26 propoints a day, not counting the weeklies, this is high.  I guess a solution would be to only have half but these things are damn tasty and difficult to leave.

So, I've been doing some research, desperately trying to find something that would give us pizza night back. I refuse to go for the Weightwatchers wrap options or any of those tiny little squares options. I refuse to go for something that's been premade and filled with air by a machine.  I came across cauliflower and courgette pizza bases about a month ago and I've been thinking about it ever since. The points value is low - only 7pp for the whole base and as you can see, it's big.

You peel a courgette and then grate the inner into a bowl.  You add a beaten egg.  You add 100g of grated mozarella.  You pour it onto baking paper and then put it into the oven for fifteen minutes at gas 6.  Then you leave it to cool.

Then you top it and cook it again at a slightly higher temperature.

There are a multitude of sins that a healthy quantity of passata, fresh herbs and garlic can cover.  Something that tastes a lot more like a slightly soggy frittata is not it.  Watching D tucking into his proper pizza I was filled with a sense of deprivation.  This isn't the point.

I have some plans afoot for how to improve it.  Less egg is definitely on the cards.  Squishing out some of the courgette juice is also there.

This pizza, in it's entirety, came to 12 propoints, 7 for the base, 2 for the sweetcorn, 3 for the cheese on top.

I ended up only eating about two thirds of the base before giving up.  These photos make it look good.  It isn't.

I topped with mushroom, sweetcorn, red and green pepper, shallot, garlic and rosemary.

What would you put on your pizza?  Have you ever tried any alternative bases?  I'd love to know!

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