Creamy carrot and cumin soup

Sunday, 18 August 2013
Sunday finds me doing things at a bit of a rush this week.  Kind of strange really as the weekend really hasn't been all that busy.  The soup was made quite late and finding the right light to take the photo was difficult!

Results at WW this week, thankfully, are pleasing.  Despite a wedding last weekend, I've managed a lb off this week.  That's 19.5lbs since I started and now 7.5lbs to go. The goal I have in mind for that is still my birthday, seven weeks.  I'd guess that a little tight now but we'll see.

This week's weekly plan: -

Monday - Fennel bake (3pp) with some form of roll/bread (5pp)
Tuesday - Gnocchi tomato bake (11pp)
Wednesday - baked cauliflower burger (6pp) with chips (5pp) (Unless it's a BBQ with 'secret sausages...')
Thursday - Quorn lemon escalope (7pp) and 40g pasta (4pp)
Friday - away to Brizzle for a little holiday.

In other news, I'm scheduled in for another MRI later this year to check on the desmoid tumour stuff.  I'd kind of hoped that was all done with but it seems I have a little longer to wait and worry.

This weekend, as I said, has been a bit slow.  On Friday night we went to Pizza Express and sat outside in the early evening sunshine.  It was excellent.  Led to a very tired Saturday from one small boy though.  We went to see the Mr Bloom roadshow which had some excellent aspects to it - we managed to get into the show despite not having tickets and D was overawed.  Watching Mr Bloom that close up was rather exciting but left D entirely tongue-tied.  We were told not to take photos of the show and so I didn't - although I was a bit annoyed that others did.

Around the show there were plenty of activities to get immersed in: stroking a snake; riding a bike to power a various electric items; beekeeping; honey tasting; turning willow into huge flowers; bubble-chasing; height-checking and maths related exercising.  We didn't even get to do all that much thanks to a car parking mess up and the weather not quite being in our favour.  For a free event it was really quite amazing.  I wish we'd had time to do the Rastamouse show too.

Running to the event!

 The best I could manage with getting D and Mr Bloom into the same picture!  D is apparently one then thousandth of the height of Mount Everest.  Teeny boy.  His pre-school uniform arrived this week.  It's supposed to fit someone of a height of 104cm.  He's 88...

Waiting for Mr Bloom
Most perplexed that the keyboard wasn't working (the girl on the bike had stopped pedalling)
Last night we had a rather delicious Bardolino - not a wine I've had before but will be again!

Today we went for a long walk, spending some time at Christchurch meadows in the park and having a rather lovely lunch at Alto Lounge - the falafel burger and chips for me.

This week's soup has seen me having a go at a carrot based soup.  In the last couple of weeks I've been a bit lazy, buying soups out and about rather than always making them.  The National Trust ones were my favourite - carrot and coriander at Cliveden with a cheese scone (decadence but palming some of it onto a willing three year-old helps keep the points down!)  and a carrot and potato soup at The Vyne for example.  With the carrots being really tasty at the moment and being inspired by the National Trust ones, I decided to create my own.  The spice in this is rather mild but helps to bring the flavour of the carrot out - cumin and carrots go together so well.  I tend to add the cream per portion at the end - it means that the soup can be kept for longer in the fridge.  The ingredients are a little of a mishmash of what I had to hand - a leek that had to be used up for example.

Stats: - 6 servings, 2 propoints each.

Ingredients: - 

10g grated fresh ginger
tablespoon cumin powder
teaspoon chilli powder
one shallot, finely diced 
one leek, finely sliced
1kg carrots, chopped into batons - although I get bored and chop lots of different ways
900ml vegetable stock
210ml Elmlea double light (works out at 35ml per bowl - could cut out and make this pointless)

Mist a frying pan with frylight.  Fry the shallot, ginger, cumin and chilli powder for five minutes on a medium heat - be careful not to burn.
Heat up the vegetable stock in a large pan and add the leek and fried shallot mixture.  Cook for six minutes.  
Add the carrots and bring to the boil.  Cook with the lid on for fifteen minutes. 
Blend until smooth.  Stir in the cream or add per bowl.
Season to taste.  

How was your weekend?  How do YOU cut your carrots - I'd love to know...


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