Going over the lines

Wednesday, 14 August 2013
One of my most vivid memories (well bits of it) is the time when my primary school teacher chastised me for colouring over the lines of a map of the world.  She then proceeded to show at least one other class that I hadn't managed this task.

I can't remember how old I was  when this happened or how bad the colouring actually was, just the sinking horror of having my failings pointed out to a lot of people.

D is very interested in colouring.  Well, at least at home.  At nursery, apparently, he is less keen and won't settle to it for any length of time.  I guess it's probably because he does so much of it at home that there are other things he'd rather do that he couldn't do whilst at home.

When he does his colouring, it's mostly sweeping scribbles.  He even says himself that he likes to do scribbly colouring.  It looks messy to me but I'm happy for him to get on with it.  I'll guide him but I won't be telling him how to be creative.  After all, crayons are often not as fine or as guidable as they could be.  We have at least moved from one colour (usually black) to an array of as many different colours as possible.

Anyway, today saw us attending a mask workshop.  For the bargain price of 50p we were set loose on a large pharaoh mask and a load of crayons, including some metallic ones. Trying to convince him to stick with it was hard on occasion but we did it together.  For forty minutes (disproving a theory that his concentration span is a little short!) we sat and coloured together, trying to sort of make the patterns required but not too worried if we didn't. The pink should have been red and there are random splodges on the face but it doesn't matter.  We didn't always manage to keep in the lines, either of us but it was great.  Check out the end result: -

Going over the lines - not always as horrible as it purports to be.  

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