Hedgehog rolls - to be reattempted!

Friday, 16 August 2013
One of the things I don't have to work hard to feed D is bread.  He loves it.  He's been helping me to make it since he was about eighteen months old I think.  He used to just press the zero button after every ingredient but now he's keen to actually do the pouring of the flours/sugar/salt and yeast.  Sometimes to disastrous outcomes!

Anyway, I've seen shaped bread rolls all over the place and figured it was time to have a go.  D was able to help a little bit with the shaping, pinching the noses and helping to snip the spines.  I used the garlic and rosemary rolls recipe I've shared before.

It's fairly easy - make into a ball, pinch forward the nose and then snip along the back to make the prickles.  I used a chopstick and a bit of blue food colouring for the eyes.  One to return to.  I did the snipping of the spines before rising and I wonder if it might have looked a little better if it had been done after.


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