Meluha Bristol - review

Friday, 30 August 2013
The post I was planning for today couldn't happen - the package I was expecting to be able to share is sitting in the Reading depot.  I'll leave you with that tantalising teaser and post next week on that instead.

In the meantime, a restaurant review.

We didn't get many photos of the food here.  I'm sad about this but it's for good reasons - we just couldn't manage to wait!

Meluha sits towards the bottom of Park Street and boasts amazing credentials.  The chef is the UK Indian chef of the year and despite only being open for four months they were at the top of the Tripadvisor list of restaurants in Bristol.  

The ambience is good and the staff perfect - they are always on hand to top up your glasses and check all is well.  The walls are adorned with graffiti art that is sumptuous and classy.  You can't help but look at it.  

The food though, the food is truly amazing.  

We don't normally opt for starters but the selection on the menu were utterly intriguing.  We opted for one of the two vegetarian options (although I notice that parmesan is on the other option, meaning it isn't officially veggie...) - India 2035.  This came with the following:

From left to right: - 
Paneer chilli cottage cheese tossed Indo-Chinese style 
Westcombe Dairy cheese samosaPotato patty, chickpeas, spices with spherification of yoghurt 

Mr K was a huge fan of the Paneer and I loved the crunchy cheesy samosa - I just wanted more!  The only element I wasn't so sure about was the spherification of yoghurt. 

In general, all of the starters we saw delivered to other tables were amazing also and I'm so glad we opted for the shared starter.  The presentation of all of the elements is well conceived and it all adds up to leaving you feeling you are in a top class restaurant where all of the elements are tinkered with until they are right.  

We over-ordered for the main but somehow we managed to eat everything.  

Mr K opted for the chicken szechuan and I had the dal bukhara.  We then shared a plain rice, paneer tikka and garlic naan.

You have never tasted a garlic naan like it.  It had a kind of garlicky paste.  The dal bukhara was so creamy and I'm going to go out of my way to try and find a recipe so that I can recreate it (and attempt to make it propoints friendly!).  It reminded me a bit of a jogi dal - an excellent dish I used to eat at the now demised Everest 53 in Reading.  

When we have paneer from other places, there can be a little bit of a worry that it's not quite as fresh as you'd like - while this doesn't matter for smaller chunks, larger can be a bit hit and miss.  The paneer tikka at Meluha was the largest, fluffiest, tastiest paneer I have ever eaten.  To have replaced my favourite ex-Nepalese restaurant in these two dishes is really quite something.  

Meluha isn't cheap but you wouldn't expect it to be given the attention to detail.  Our meal, plus a rather crisp bottle of Chenin Blanc, came to £63.  

We'll be back.  Soon.  I already have plans to try out their taster menu.  At £40 for the vegetarian one, it's going to be another pricey visit but we're trying hard to think of reasons to celebrate and excuses to have mother-in-law babysit D.  

The best Indian restaurant I've ever eaten in.  If you're in the area - give it a go.  Make sure you have a starter!

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