Review: Secret Sausages

Friday, 23 August 2013
Ah, the veggie sausage.  I've tried a multitude of them - from TVP to tofu to Linda McCartney to Quorn.  Ultimately, Quorn have been my fallback.  They cook in the same way as a sausage and don't taste terrible.

When I heard about Secret Sausages, with a range of different sausage types made mostly from vegetables, I was curious.  I try not to feed D Quorn very often as I know it's not the best in terms of nutrition for a small growing boy but I find it easier just to involve him in our Quorn sausage toad in the hole when we have it.  A sausage made mostly of vegetables seems a better option for this.

There are a huge range and it was so difficult to make a choice between all the varieties available - Lincolnshire, Cumberland, Cheese and Spring Onion, Chilli and Coriander, Garlic and Rosemary and Honey Bee.  I've made no secret of my dislike for honey so that was out.  I plumped ultimately for my favourite flavours: -

We made good use of the recent good weather and had a lovely little barbecue with them.  We may have left them alone a little bit longer than we should have done but it all adds to the barbecue experience!

So, to the taste test.  I cut each variety into smaller pieces for each of us.  As you can see, they don't cut brilliantly - the get a little bit mushy in the middles which is a little bit of a shame.  This didn't affect taste though. 

The chilli and coriander was the favourite with husband - it had just the right level of kick and could be identified in a blind taste test.  D was a little hesitant because he knew that they had vegetables in - we'd talked about it a lot before.  Although he's pretty good with vegetables he was unsure about having it inside his sausage!  When he had a whole one and didn't realise that they were vegetable ones, he ate a good quantity of it.  Funny.  

My favourite was the garlic and rosemary, although the chilli and coriander was also pretty good.  The garlic flavouring isn't overpowering and there is enough of the rosemary behind it to not feel cheated.  

The Cumberland was a bit disappointing - the over-riding taste was carrot.  I like carrot but it seems incongruous in a sausage.  So we would get the other two varieties again but pass on the Cumberland.

Secret Sausages are great for the diet.  Each is only 2 propoints each and two sausages are three.  So in terms of the diet, better than the Quorn.  The positives about these sausages are discussed in some detail on the website - three sausages covers one of your five a day and they are lower in fat and salt than normal sausages.  Finally, they are gluten free, great news if I want to whip up a batch of sausages for my gluten-sensitive friend.  

Each pack has six sausages in them.  At the special offer of £2.43 per pack that seems very reasonable. At the normal price of £3.65, I'd be a little less inclined - after all, a pack of Quorn sausages normally retail at £2.29 and are on special offer at £1.65 at the moment.  These are all Ocado prices.  I'll be looking out for them on special offer and for those occasions when we make toad in the hole but I'm not sure they will completely replace my Quorn ones.  Both types are likely to feature in the future!   

You can buy Secret Sausages from their online store or through Ocado.  I gather that they also sell in some health food shops.  

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