Foodie penpals August 2013

Tuesday, 3 September 2013
Foodie Penpals is a great concept that I came across about six weeks ago.  The idea is this: -

You are given someone to buy for and someone who will buy for you.  The limit is £10.  You ask them what they like and dislike and then try to come up with some interesting things for them.  You then get a similar package yourself!  

I was matched up with John from Two greedy Mancunians and he sent me a delightful package - very little of which I've tried before! So, here it is in all it's glory: - 

First up, spirulina, dill weed and lime leaves.  I have some idea about what to do with lime leaves but not so much with the others.  I gather spirulina can be used in smoothies and as this is a regular breakfast of mine - I'll give it a try!

Next up was some sweet stuff - Nakd bars which I've only recently commented I'd like to try and some cocoa nibs - I think I'll get this into some baking with D.

I'm intrigued by the veggie haggis - I'm sure this will soon feature in dinner.  Mushroom pate is always a favourite but I've not seen this brand before.  This'll go well with some new fresh bread or some crackers on a Saturday evening.

Sesame sticks are really tasty - D is a huge fan too, so I'm sure we'll end up sharing these (and I'm sure Mr K will be on hand to help too - he's a major snacker).  

Thanks John - lots of new things to try.  If anyone has any good suggestions for the herby stuff, please leave me a comment below.  

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