Restaurant review: The Stable, Bristol

Tuesday, 10 September 2013
The Stable is on the harbourside and boasts a huge cider menu and pizzas with locally sourced ingredients.  As part of our Gromit-hunting trip to Bristol a few weeks ago we ended up on the doorstep, hungry for something to keep us fuelled.

It's not been open for very long, only a few months but it looks like the kind of place that has always been there.  The decor is wooden and bench orientated with a few stable-based gags around - staff in stablehand t-shirts and toilets with saloon-style doors.

We were intrigued by the cider-tasting board - five different 1/3 pints for £7.50.  What we got was slightly different from the advertised five - they had run out of the Severn and the Lyme Bay.  The Severn was replaced with a Copper Press and the Lyme Bay was replaced with Oliver's.

We didn't enjoy the still ones so much as the sparkling ones.  The perry was probably my favourite but the Burrow Hill was quite crisp and tasty too.

For lunch, D had a margarita, I had the Avon Gorger without the blue cheese, Mr K had the Hawaiian and Granny the chicken and leek pie.

The Hawaiian
The chicken and leek pie with some of the longest carrot peelings I've ever seen.  
The Avon gorger sans blue
I think that the look on D's face sums it all up - this was one of his most favourite meals of the week.  He ate nearly all of this lunch-time sized pizza.

I'm not sure about potato on pizza but this worked out quite well.  It was tasty and held together well.  I already have designs on the Clifton suspender without the chicken for my next visit there.

The best bit of it all was the cider tasting though.  The staff there are clearly incredibly knowledgeable despite the sizeable menu.

Another place I'd strongly recommend.

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