Courgette crisps three ways

Tuesday, 29 October 2013
Kiersten at Oh My Veggies! posted not that long ago about baked sriracha potato chips (well, she reposted it, in case you're thinking I've gone a bit mad and thought not that long ago was in fact more than a year ago!) and I was rather interested.  I've been trying to come up with an excuse to get a mandoline for a while and this was it.  I also bought sriracha to make aubergine and coconut curry and I'm always looking for ways to use it.

Except there's a problem - potato just doesn't feature that often in the diet as it's so high in propoints.  Another thought occurred to me - courgette crisps!  Thus began a massive experimentation in crisp making.

I won't lie to you, this isn't the same as crisps.  It just isn't.  They are a little more chewy than that.  In part I think because of using frylight with it's water component.  It is however, totally tasty in its own right and worth the effort.  If you have a mandoline, the chopping doesn't take too long.  If you have a small helper laying out the courgette on to the baking tray, it's even easier.  Putting the flavours on isn't too tricky and the baking paper means that there is almost no cleaning afterwards.

D loved these.  Considering that he's not a massive fan of courgette, it's clear that this isn't something that tastes all that courgette-y.

He was more a fan of the salt and pepper vers

ion than the others.

In theory, these work out at zero propoints or one propoint, depending on how much of it you have and what quantity of herbs/spices you use.

Version 1 -
Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 1.  Slice up two courgette with a mandoline - they need to be finely sliced.  Lay these out on a baking tray, using child labour if possible.
In a bowl, mix up two teaspoons of sriracha sauce and five sprays of fry light.  Baste the courgette slices.  Put in the oven and cook for an hour.  Keep an eye - they have a tendency to burn.  Also be aware not to overload the 'chips' as they get very small. To give you a clue, this baking tray had slices that were overlapping when I put them in...

Version 2 -
As with version one but this time, spray with frylight then dose liberally with freshly ground salt and pepper.  I also added a sprinkling of Italian herbs to this.

Version 3 -
As with version one but this time, spray with fry light then sprinkle curry powder over the top.

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