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Friday, 18 October 2013
On Wednesday night, we booked our holiday.  Well, I say that with the side point that we did a few days in Bristol earlier this year and we've done a couple of short Butlins breaks.

D's of a good age now to go a little bit farther afield though, so it is with a LARGE amount of excitement that I share that we are off to Disney!  I've wanted to go in AGES but now seems like the right time to take him.  He'll be aware of what's going on a bit more.  Bonus is that the tickets are mostly coming from Tesco points.

We're going to be flying over with Air France on Tuesday and returning on Saturday, spending a couple of days at Disney and the other bits in Paris exploring.  We've already booked our hotel, thanks to a recommendation from a colleague and she's given me so much helpful information about the park but I want to ask YOU blog readers - any tips for those travelling with a three and a half year old?  Any suggestions for where to go while we're in Paris?  Any more Disney information we should know?  I'll be sure to share pictures on our return!


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