Restaurant review: Salvatore's Kitchen, Bristol

Thursday, 17 October 2013
We were hoping to get into Greens on the night that we ended up in Salvatore's Kitchen on the Cheltenham Road.

Salvatore's was busy but we were greeted by other patrons loudly declaiming the brilliance of the place.   They weren't wrong!

I'm a big Italian fan - it's relatively easy on the diet if you're careful about your choices and authentic Italian is absolutely packed with flavour.  It also makes me feel like we are recapturing a bit of our honeymoon.

We were served a good bottle of Montepulciano - a little disappointed that the waiter spilled some of it on the table - a little twist after serving prevents that from happening.

What was better was the bread delivered to the table.  I know, I know that Weightwatchers tell you to avoid bread on the table and I've got quite good with this but honestly - how could a garlic fan resist these beautiful little garlic rolls?

We got three which seemed a slightly odd number between the two of us but as I was restricting myself to one, no matter.

I opted for the Primavera.  It's an interesting touch to be able to choose your own pasta - penne, spaghetti, linguine or farfalle.  I opted for the latter of these as they seemed a good vessel for the chunky vegetable sauce.  I wasn't disappointed.  The dish was rich with a selection of vegetables and the tomato based sauce was also thick.  I ate about half of it - saving my propoints for dessert.

Mr K had the bolognese - a favourite of his.  He switched it up a little by having linguine rather than spaghetti.

Dessert was an indulgent and super-creamy tiramisu which we shared.  Once again, I'm afraid this blogger was a bit daft and didn't photograph the dish until after the event.  Suffice it to say that sharing was exactly the right idea.

Apart from the wine spillage, the service was just about right - time was given to let you linger over the food and the chef came out a few time to speak to patrons.  The music was slightly odd as it featured George Michael a little more heavily than I would have liked but other than this, the ambience was good.  We had a good time.  

We were interested to see a good selection on the bambini menu.  We'll probably take D and the mother-in-law to give it a try at some point.

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