Sundried tomato and parmesan bread

Tuesday, 8 October 2013
I offered to provide bread for a recent department get-together.  I relished the ability to get baking as it's something I just can't do all that much with the diet.  I had the sundried tomato paste for a soup I was making and didn't have the tomatoes I would normally use for this - therefore, one substituted for the other reasonably well.

This loaf was the best received of the five that I made.  It was the only one I didn't bring home any leftovers of.

Goes well with any kind of Italian dish.  I must share my recipe for Tuscan bean stew which would be amazing with this.

Stats: - whole loaf: 47 propoints.  1/8 of a loaf - 6pp

30g sundried tomato paste
20g parmesan
5g sugar
5g salt
7g yeast
300ml water
15g olive oil

yield - one 750g loaf

Put ingredients into your breadmaker in the order specified by the manufacturer (liquid first for me).  Set to basic loaf.

I should also mention that today is my Dad's birthday - happy birthday Dad if you're reading!

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