Broccoli and srirarcha rolls take 2

Tuesday, 12 November 2013
This is my second attempt at the broccoli and sriracha rolls originally from FoodDoodles.  I now know what I have to do to make these perfect.  I think I've finally identified exactly the right wrappers for this as this is really my only problem and it's very much my fault. The filling is incredibly tasty and this second time, D ate a bit more of them.  

The problem now is that the middles are a little bit too soft.  I'm not sure if this is because I overfilled them, if it's because I filled them while the filling was too hot or if it's just too long to work properly as it stands.  I say all this like they weren't devoured by Mr K and I - they really were.  It's just aesthetically, they aren't where I want them to be.  Taking this one photo was difficult - these were the only two that didn't split in the middle exposing that tasty goodness.  These were the only ones that looked like the real thing.

The good things though - there is a definite crunch to the ends of these rolls that I didn't have with the rice wrappers.  Not massively surprising I'd guess!  It's wonton wrappers I think I need to use next and I've already sourced these, so expect my final, triumphant post at some point in the future.  I hope.

I added water chestnuts, chopped up, into this batch because I just love them - they are a great way to pad out a recipe and they carry no points value.  They also add a little more internal crunch.

I cannot believe how elastic these wrappers are - they are paper thin and if they were filo, I'm sure they'd break but these just stretch and stretch as you separate them.

These carry exactly the same point value for four rolls as they did before which blows my mind given that they are so much bigger.  You don't need four of them though, meaning you could save a few points for something else.  Maybe some sweet and sour dipping sauce?

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