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Sunday, 24 November 2013
As I said last weekend, there's no Sunday soup this week as I'm busy developing my 'Christmas soup'.  

Instead, I have some rather good news to share.

I got to gold.  Seven months and four days - two stone.  

Like many people, I'm sure, my weight has always been a bit of an issue.  The worst I ever was while at uni.  I started uni at a dress size 3 sizes bigger than I currently am and wearing clothes that really didn't help.  

I'm not sure when I first started turning it around but probably towards the end of my first year I started thinking about what I was eating a little more.  

The big impetus for change was when I got married.  I was at the gym three times a week and really pleased with the results.  It was hard and expensive.  I was seeing a personal trainer regularly AND paying the gym fees.  I still miss Combat though - really wish I could do it as a casual class, rather than having to have full on expensive membership.  Anyway, here are the results of that attempt: - 

Something that blows my mind here is that I now weigh half a stone less than I did in that photo.  Although I recognise that everything is all a bit different when you aren't working out three times a week and after pregnancy.  

Then this happened: - 

...and then life just really got in the way.  It was only a couple of friends deciding that we'd all do it together and hearing the successes of other really good friends of mine that made me decide I'd get it all off again and that I'd give Weightwatchers a try.  I've always been a bit sniffy about Weightwatchers and I don't really know why.  I know it's a bit of a cliché but I can't believe how easy it actually was.  Being allowed to eat as much fruit and veg as I wanted has really saved me. 

So we come to now.  I can't find a before photo anywhere really - one of my major thing for years has been how much I hate having my photo taken.  This is the best that I can find, when we were at Olympic park last year: - 

This isn't quite an after, as it was while we were in France a few weeks ago, but it's the only full length one I can find at the moment.  I'm not so bothered about having photos taken now. 

I'm intending to stick with pointing for now - so there will be more recipes to come that are propoints orientated.

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