Pepper cookies

Thursday, 12 December 2013
At the end of November, you might remember, I was given this cookbook as part of foodie penpals. One of the things that I mentioned I wanted to make was these pepper cookies.

I started to sweat a little when I saw the ingredients and calculated the points - they come in at a whopping 196 propoints for the whole mixture and the recipe read that this would make 30-50 cookies.  Containing double cream, salted butter, flour, golden syrup and a lot of brown sugar, it's not really for dieters.  The recipe (interesting saying that it makes about 125) can be found here..

It made 128.  I'm not sure if it was down to my cookie cutters (although I felt they were about normal size) or if there is a typo on the mixture but it makes a heck of a lot of dough.  D gave up cutting at about cookie 70 and there was a regular relay with the two baking trays I had ready.  

 D quite enjoyed the icing - but again found it difficult to maintain interest all the way through.  Nibbling a few cookies along the way helped a little bit!  I also have big problems with icing - I don't know how I get it so wrong - the red here looks a lot better than the blood red it was in reality and the white was far too see-through to really add much to the look of the cookies.

Anyway, in the end, two cookies comes to 3pp.  Which is okay.  Anyway, it was nice to do some baking with D - it's been a while.  There was a lot of icing left on the table at the end but that's okay too.

Now what to do with around 100 cookies...?

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