Squash, leek and lentil soup

Sunday, 22 December 2013
Before I fall into the normal discussion about weight loss (of which there was some) and soup making (of which there was quite a lot), I wanted to share an update to this post. 

It seems fitting, in some ways, that I was due another update on the medical issues almost a year after I was first given the diagnosis - of having a desmoid tumour.  It has meant, however, that the last couple of weeks have led to worrying and uneasy nights.  My Sleepcycle app tells me that I've been managing sleep of 10-20% less quality than I was in the month prior.  I'm not a good waiter.

Last time I saw the consultant I was told that there was no recurrence of the tumour but that my seroma (a fluid filled pocket where the surgery was performed) was still pretty big.  It had reduced slightly from the last MRI but not really enough.  There were discussions about further surgery, although that can aggravate and cause another tumour.  They think.  Truth is that they just don't know for sure.  Anyway, the decision was taken to leave it for another four months and take stock, hoping that it would reduce in size.  The good news on Friday was that it has.  I still have to keep having MRIs every three months to check that the tumour has not returned (this will probably be the case for the rest of my life - I know of cases where the tumour has lain dormant for fifteen years and then returned) but for now, it's incredibly good news.  This means we're looking forward to Christmas, rather than worrying through it and I'm certainly glad that the black cloud of surgery isn't hanging over my head for now.

On to the more usual stuff.  This week has seen another small success - another half lb off.  Given that we had a bit of a splurge at  Handmade Burger Company  - excellent for the tastebuds, not so good for the propoints - it's difficult to judge but estimates put it at around 30pp. Then there was Friday night's Christmas meal out which weighed in over 50pp.  So yes, tough to keep the rest of the week down but it did seem to work.

I've decided that I'm going to take a bit of a break for Christmas week - but I'll be scheduling lots of new posts for the New Year on the other side of it.

So, this will (probably!) be the last post on KneadWhine for 2013.

Today's soup is a great one for warming the cockles and filling the tum.  It feels nicely substantial.  The idea for this combination initially came from Hijacked by Twins.

Status: 6 servings, 2pp each.

10g butter
5 leeks, finely sliced
640g butternut squash chopped into cubes
80g red lentils
1 litre vegetable stock
2 bay leaves

Melt the butter in a large pan and sweat the leeks for around ten minutes to soften.  Add all of the other ingredients, bring to the boil and then simmer for fifteen minutes.  Blend until smooth.

Have a lovely Christmas break!

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