Top recipes of 2013

Monday, 30 December 2013
So, I said I probably wouldn't be back until 2014 but I changed my mind.  I've seen a lot of review of 2013 posts popping up on my feed today.  Most notably at favourites of mine: - Pinch of Yum and Oh My Veggies.

So, I figured I'd drill down and pick out my most popular recipes of 2013.  So, based on nothing more than page views, this is what readers of KneadWhine made a beeline for this year.

Skinny Butternut Squash and Aubergine Curry

This is one of the recipes that I plundered from I'm Counting UFOs' brilliant selection of recipes that support the 5:2 diet.  At only 1 pro point per serving it's a great one to have a spare portion of in the freezer if you accidentally have a day that is high in propoints.  I should also mention my most favourite from her website is the vegetarian stuffed peppers - I've made a few variations on this, including a spicy option.

Christmas Soup

Given that this was only posted in the last month, I'm pleased to see how popular it has been.  This soup reminds me of all that is Christmassy but doesn't pummel the diet in the way that most Christmas food does.  I'll go on a limb and say it is one of my favourite soup recipes of the year - just a shame that it isn't my husband or son's!  This one is only 1 pro point per serving - so a good run up to Christmas.  

Courgette, pea and spinach soup

This summery soup hits the top five bringing memories of a great time at Basildon Park doing the ball run.  It weighs in at 2 propoints per serving and makes good use of a swirl of Elmlea to make the pattern on the top.  

Sweetcorn and courgette fritters

I'm really glad to see that these beautiful little creations have hit the top five.  They are a favourite of D's - so much so that he often asks me to make them for him.  He loves taking part in their creation too.  At only 6 propoints per serving, they are a very good option for dinner.  

Mexican Chickpea Soup

I know, I know,  I say that all of my soups are the best but this one?  This one is one that makes me wish I wasn't so fickle in my soup making, that I returned to the recipes that I made.  This one deserves a repeat performance.  It feels like a spring/summer soup though - so I'll be planning to get it back into the meal plan about then I think.  I surely can't keep making new soups every week forever? (I totally can, soups are the best...)  This one comes to 2 propoints a serving too - which is where I end up most of the time.

Wishing all of you a very relaxing start to 2014.  Wednesday will see me sharing my thoughts on how to make the most out of the WeightWatchers diet and then I'll be sharing some of the best books I read in 2013.  I've already made soup #1 to feature on the blog too and it was goooood.  

We'll be making good use of Waitrose's brilliant Indian ready meal range to see in 2014 - I just love their paneer masala.  We might also crack one of the last bottles of Prosecco from when we got married 4 and a half years ago.  How will you be spending the evening?

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