Review: Island Cuisine's cooking sauces

Wednesday, 5 February 2014
A new product that has popped up on Ocado recently has been Island Cuisine's range of sauce jars.  There are four in the range - yellow, green or red Creole curry sauce and a sweet and spicy Creole sauce.

Want to know what it'll set you back in propoints?  Well, I'm here to help you out with that.

Sweet and spicy Creole per half jar = 5 propoints
Red Creole curry sauce per half jar = 4 propoints
Green Creole curry sauce per half jar = 5 propoints
Yellow Creole curry sauce per half jar = 10 propoints (one to avoid...!)

So, to the review of them.  So far, we've tried the red Creole and the sweet and spicy.  The red Creole, as pictured above was extremely tasty, it was well balanced with a good juicy tomato flavour.  I made it with Quorn - only 2 propoints per 75g and 40g of rice - 4pp.  I also added some spare aubergine in.  This made the overall propoints value 10 propoints.  About what I aim for on dinner.

When I made the spicy one, I added baby corn - adding absolutely no propoints to the meal.  Although it claims to be sweet and spicy it was rather hot, we felt, making it very popular with Mr K. Again, I served with 75g of quern pieces each and 40g of rice.  This came to 11 propoints per serving.

The sauces are currently sold at Ocado for £1.99 and I believe are in selected Tesco and Sainsburys but difficult to find.

Recommended if you can find them!

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