Time at Tyntesfield

Sunday, 23 February 2014
Most of last weekend was horrible weather-wise.  A shame as we were in Bristol, seeing D's granny and we like to get out and explore.  Saturday we ended up watching the Lego movie.  Frankly brilliant.  D was utterly transfixed (although he was most keen on the fighting... and Batman...) and I liked the message behind it.

On Saturday evening, we went back to Meluha and couldn't resist their taster menu again.  I shared pictures of the whole evening on my instagram account but the highlight for me was probably the very interesting dessert - chocolate and coriander mousse on the left.

So much better than the frozen options you usually get in an Indian restaurant.  What's great about the taster menu is that it's different each time - although paneer still featured.  I'm excited to learn that they are planning to start doing lunches and that we can take D along.

Sunday, the skies finally did us a favour and the sun came out.  We headed for Tyntesfield.  We went there to pick up a Gromit last summer - it's the grass one.  We had aimed to return but it just didn't happen.

Sunday was the day for it and I'm so glad it was.  I've been bemoaning for a little while to other bloggers that I haven't seen snowdrops in years.  There was an abundance there.  They were probably a little bit beyond their best but that just meant that the crocuses were in full force and I caught an early daffodil thinking about blooming.

The bottom right is a shot of pine - a pine tree or two had just been felled and the smell was incredible.  D took a frond in to preschool for his show and tell on Monday.

The route down to the house was gorgeous - the sun and shadows helped to make it feel like a real idyll.  Check out those huge clumps of snowdrops!

Our approach to the house.

D was a huge fan of the refurbished piano and had a good play - I quite like this action shot!

One of the rooms had panels of lots of different fruits and vegetables.  D claimed this was his favourite.  

I just loved these bird stained glass windows.  Really unusual and filled with little details to look at - even if D was ready to race on to the next thing.  

The complicated bell system, allowing the servants to know where they were required.  There were three times as many bells as this.  Quite staggering really.  Pictures suggested around 14 staff I think.

D on the path.  He was thoroughly worn out by the end of the day - we did a lot of walking.  All around the grounds and doing the 'F' trail, finding things on the estate beginning with F.  He was extremely chuffed with his prize at the end - a flying bird and a ladybird mask.  A good day.  

The actual house itself is a bit of a mess - some rooms are better than others but there isn't a whole lot of information.  There was some discussion of auctions and items all being put in the kitchen to ready for auction but this wasn't very clear.  Wikipedia's entry does give a little more insight into what's happening.  I'd recommend Tyntesfield.  Their restaurant is also worth a visit - although service seems to involve far too many staff and not enough speed, the food is very tasty and they pride themselves on locally sourced ingredients.  We opted for a sharing Sunday roast which included brussel sprouts, jerusalem artichokes and kale as the vegetables.  The vegetarian alternative (cannelini bean and butternut squash bake) was quite tasty and the dessert, homemade cookie dough ice-cream, was very well received.

A great weekend.

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