Busting to share the truth

Wednesday, 5 March 2014
Readers, I've not been entirely honest with you for the last eight weeks.  While I've been talking about propoints and good snacks to stave off the hunger I've been eating fairly constantly. When I shared my Butterbean stuffed squash, beans were pretty much the last thing I wanted to eat.

In fact, cooking in general has been pretty much out of the window for much of the last two months, give or take the odd day - like the one where I managed pesto sautéed potatoes alongside sweetcorn fritters.  I've been living on paneer masala, the odd takeaway pizza and cheese muffins.

You see, New Year's Eve 2013 was very different from New Year's Eve 2012.  In the dying hours of 2012 I found out about my tumour.  In the dying hours of 2013, I was pretty sure that I was pregnant. It took a few days longer to actually confirm on a test but all the signs were there - nasty horrible headache (I didn't manage any of the chilled champagne) and a difficulty in keeping my eyes open.

This time, I'll be honest, has been harder in some ways than last.  Having a nearly four year old to keep entertained when I've felt utterly rough has been hard but he is at least old enough that he'll entertain himself to some degree.  On a couple of days, CBeebies was my best friend.

Anyway, fingers crossed, that bit is behind me and we've spent far more time getting out and about in the last fortnight than lolling on the sofa fighting myself to move in the six or so weeks before.  Onwards.

Unsurprisingly, the focus of the blog is going to switch a bit to general vegetarian cooking with the usual smattering of bread baking.  I will be returning to the propoints later in the year once 'Eggy' is born.  Eggy is the name that D has given his sibling and it fits with the cooking theme, so I'll go with it - although he's well aware that Eggy will not be called Eggy when he/she is born (D is holding out for a boy and will only use male pronouns).

So yes, news.


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