What a beautiful day, I'm the king of all time

Thursday, 13 March 2014
I'm afraid (for myself as well as for you guys) that I'm still not properly cooking.  I'm really hopeful to be beyond this bone-weary tiredness soon but in the meantime, I'm fairly sure you don't want to see me waxing lyrical on my takeaway pizza (even if it the pizza company put CHICKEN as a substitute on a vegetarian pizza without telling me) or pictures of my Dolmio pasta bake.  Even better, the vegetable fingers and croquettes combo that seems to be a go-to...

So instead, news of a day out.  On Saturday we went to Cliveden again.  Cliveden is probably my favourite NT property nearby, although they all have their plus points.

Since we last went, they've taken down the huge slide and started the restoration of the stairs - I look forward to seeing the result.  What's great about Cliveden is that every time we go we end up doing something a bit different.  There's more than enough to see and a great maze.  We gave up the first time but the second time managed it.

We went with E and his family.  E is one day younger than D and by some fluke we ended up in beds next to one another in the hospital - we were part of the same NCT antenatal group.

E and his Dad discovered a pond full of frogs in an area we hadn't been to before.  Exciting stuff!  Check out all the frogspawn too!

I'm not sure I've ever seen so many frogs in one place before.  

After this we walked up the long driveway, stopping to see the 'naughty angel' on the fountain on the way.  This is an angel stepping on a turtle.  D always remembers this and we have to see it every time.  

The colours on this are a bit weird - the camera struggled with the lighting and the boys were a bit dark - In order to be able to see them, I had to adjust the brightness quite a bit.  In the background you can see the beautiful manicured lawn.  It's not my favourite of them all - the Long Garden is even more impressive but we didn't manage that this time.  

Mr K took this gorgeous photo - one of those things that you really have to be looking out for.  He did good.

My only niggle with Cliveden is that their restaurant seems to really struggle with serving.  The queues often get long and the food can take a long time.  Sometimes staff don't seem to be sure what procedures are and send you away to wait for things and other staff tell you that you should have got it while waiting at the till.  A bit tricky.  The food is good though.  I've had some great soups there in the past and Mr K and I tucked into a very satisfying Quorn baguette this time.

The write up on the last time we went to Cliveden is here, along with a recipe for soup.  Just to keep up the recipes.

Now the weather has turned more favourably, the KneadWhine family are making the most of days out.  Where's your favourite place to go on a sunny day?

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