Foodie penpals February 2014

Sunday, 9 March 2014
Hello!  Last month's foodie penpal package came from Nadia in Switzerland - I was very excited to be matched out of the UK and I definitely have reason to have been - the package Nadia sent was amazing!  Mostly filled with chocolate and treats.  Normally I'd be a bit worried about so many treats but given this week's revelation I'm not so worried.

Firstly, Nadia sent a lot of Kagi - little wafers wrapped in chocolate.  I like that these are such small little snacks (and may have snaffled one of the hazelnut ones before photographing!  There is also this really interesting recipe for dessert using them.  Looks very naughty but very good at the same time.

Imagine my glee to have so much praline-filled chocolate! I've tried one of the balls and they are like Lindt - melting on the tongue.  I'm quite keen on testing the ones at the top - at the left they are white chocolate encased and on the left and with little chunks of hazelnut on the right.  I'm not quite sure what the difference is between the red and green versions.

Next up are more treats - the hazelnut pastry particularly appeals to me.  At the back is a cake based treat, featuring lots of ingredients like honey and apricots.  I will probably share this with Mr K.

Then there are two cereal bars that I'm sure will make welcome snacks on the way in to work this week.  The Incarom is hot chocolate.  I LOVE hot chocolate and as I'm currently not enjoying a tipple at the weekend (more of my attempts to replace this at a later date...) a hot chocolate might make for a good change.  

Next there are these Alpine cookies with a couple of sweets - honey based possibly?  I'm not sure!  I have no doubt that I'll get lots of help with all of these treats - D and Mr K are both biscuit/chocolate fans.

This was a package that just kept giving and giving - it was amazing!  There was also this Bearnaise Sauce (with instructions helpfully translated below), home-made rose-hip jam and Italian spread for Bruschetta - I can't wait to dig into this - I don't think it's something I've ever seen before.  At the bottom is some tea - I think Orange mint.  I'm not really a tea fan but I do like mint tea, so I'll give this a try - and then share with my colleagues who like a huge array of tea!  

Thanks Nadia, a brilliant package that will really hit the spot for treats.  

If you're interested in taking part in foodie penpals, the information about it is here.  I highly recommend it.  I'm stepping out of it for this month - too many other things happening to get myself organised - but it isn't without sadness to have to do so.  

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