Eggy is a..... GIRL!

Sunday, 27 April 2014
We had the anomaly scan on Friday.  D was very excited to find out whether he is going to have a brother or a sister.  He's been proudly telling everyone that he wanted a brother and would only ever refer to Eggy as 'he'.  

The scan was great.  We had a brilliant sonographer who took a really good look - checking out that all of the organs in some detail and showing us lots of detailed spine shots (funnily enough, D mostly showed us his back when we had his scan).  

She was also really good with D who got a little bit bored during the process.  She told us fairly early on that Eggy is a girl - and D looked pretty sad about that.  I thought he was actually going to cry.  

As I said though, the sonographer was brilliant.  She told D that Eggy was waving at him - and that he should wave back - and that she was nodding at him.  This was the beginning of acceptance for him.  He waved back.  

He's still referring to Eggy as 'he' on occasion - old habits die hard - but he's a lot more resilient than I had expected and is coming around to the idea quickly.  In the run up to the scan he told us that he wouldn't like it if Eggy was a girl.  Now he's talking about how he'll look after her and he told me last night that "it's good that Eggy is a girl because that way you get to have a daughter Mummy."  

Heart officially melted.  He's also told us that if Eggy (who he's adamant he'll share a room with) wakes up crying in the night he'll creep downstairs and get her a drink all on his own.  Let's hope that goodwill remains in September!  

I would have shared the photo of the scan where Eggy is waving but the print out was really disappointing and it's difficult to make out.  So instead, the other star of the show, enjoying his ice-cream at the new Scoop shop at Butlins: - 

And now the fun begins.  Expect a few outfit posts in the near future - I'm really looking forward to buying some new clothes for D's 'girlbaby'.  

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