Panch Phoran Veggies

Sunday, 6 April 2014
It's Mr K's birthday today - happy birthday!  Apart from a haircut, the weekend looks set to be a quiet one - but I've made sure we've got some chocolate and fudge hot cross buns and a triple chocolate brownie cake for him - so I'm sure he'll be well looked after.

This is based on a recipe in World Food Café Vegetarian Bible.

A couple of months ago, Mr K bought me this book and as a result of first trimester laziness and time getting away from me, this was the first time that I made use of it.  I made a few tweaks - I hadn't managed to soak the yellow split peas and adding baby corn is one of the ways that I tried to interesting D in eating it as it had a couple of ingredients that were either new to him or ones that he doesn't like (or says he doesn't).

I also made use of the panch phoran sent to me a couple of months ago in a foodie penpals box rather than making my own.

It was a hit.  D really loved trying out the mooli raw and cooked and was interested to see how it changed.  He skirted around the okra which he has never really got on board with and the butternut squash which he will only eat in soups.  Otherwise though, this went down really well.

It's also slightly milder than the initial recipe - I'm thinking that adding a few drops of srirarcha to the adult portions would add a little more heat.  It doesn't really need it though.

I'm also thinking that this is probably a pretty good recipe for weightwatchers - the only propointed foods in the veggie mixture is the butter, sugar and lentils.  As this generously made six portions, I have to think it's probably pretty low on the points front.  Something to return to in 2015!

Stats: - five generous adult portions and a three year old portion.  Could probably manage six portions with little trouble.  Prep time 10 minutes (a bit longer if you don't use pre-peeled squash), cook time 35 minutes.

225g red lentils
1 litre water
teaspoon turmeric
160g moli, cut into cubes
170g okra, topped and tailed and cut into thirds
200g butternut squash cut into cubes
175g green beans, topped and tailed and cut into thirds
150g baby corn cut into thirds
one tablespoon of butter
three bay leaves
two tablespoons of panch phoran
one green chilli, seeds removed and finely cut
one tablespoon of brown sugar

Put the lentils, water and turmeric into a large saucepan (I used my stock pot) and bring to the boil.  Reduce to a simmer and cover for around ten minutes, until the lentils cook through.

Skim the surface (reminds me, next kitchen gadget NEEDS to be a skimmer... doing it with a spoon is a pain!)  Then add the vegetables, apart from the baby corn.  Continue to cook over a low heat for ten minutes.

At the same time, make your rice.  I used my garlic rice recipe.

Add the baby corn to the vegetables and simmer for a further five minutes, allowing all of the vegetables to soften.

At the same time, in a separate pan, gently heat the butter.  Gently fry the panch phoran, releasing the fragrance - they will begin to pop a little but try not to let them burn as this will make the mixture bitter.  Add your chilli and bay leaves and gently fry until the chilli has softened - about five minutes.

Add the spice mixture and the brown sugar to the vegetables and stir through.  You may find that the mixture is still a little wet - it will thicken on standing.

Serve over the rice.


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