Thursday, 8 May 2014
I'm going to be incredibly clichéd here but how did THAT happen?

We're off on a little jaunt to Legoland today (don't tell D before we get there!) to celebrate.  I'm so pleased that my working days don't coincide with his birthday this year.

So, Little D, Small, Monkeypants, son of mine and soon to be big brother - happy birthday!

I couldn't be prouder of you, although I wouldn't mind if you were a bit less stubborn about taking part in PE in your fourth year...

You love Lego, pirates and sometimes dinosaurs.  You like Alphablocks and you are reading some words.  You'd play all day on your tablet given a chance but you're developing a good eye for colouring too.  You love to bowl and scooter and jumping is your favourite way to get from A to B.  You've started to sing songs that you entirely make up and deliver us a teddy in the mornings some days.  You're a fan of 'ccinos' even if you do sometimes drink them in a strange way.

You're brilliant and you're crazy and you do something that stuns me nearly every day.  I couldn't love you more.  


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