My heart belongs to Florence

Friday, 30 May 2014
... well... Tuscany anyway.

Recently I've been thinking a lot about Florence again.  Mr K and I spent a rather lovely honeymoon in various areas of Italy.  We spent some time in Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan.  While I'd love to go back and properly hit the shops (...and the culture) in Milan and Venice has an unparalleled, if slightly touristy, novel appeal, Tuscany is where I long to spend my holidays.

What's not to love?  Ponte Vecchio, vino, alfresco dining, pistacchio gelato, laid back lunches and coffees that you can really savour.  Waiters in Italy are also brilliant with D in most cases - they'll bend over backwards and constantly gave him attention.  As a result, D seemed to be all the more relaxed and less demanding.

Eighteen months ago, we took D to Florence for the October half term.  Despite the weather and health worries we had a good time.  We stayed in an apartment and D talked about the gelato for some time afterwards.  Here he is, making his own fun while travelling on the train.

We also went to the Lucca comic convention - although we weren't really aware of it beforehand.  Another strong memory for D was the Sonic - who he kept chasing to keep up with - it was a great way to motivate him to run off some energy before the train home.

This really sums up my love for the place - the beautiful sceneries, the old buildings and the sunshine.  It was a bit cooler than our last visit - evidenced by D's hat and gloves - but it was still a good day out.

I know that visiting Italy again is a bit of a distant dream - until Eggy is a bit older we are probably going to only be holidaying in the UK.

At least I know that I can get hold of great Italian products in the UK to tide me over that bit longer.  I've just bought some Antonio Federici ice cream in both pistachio and amaretto flavours - currently on offer at Ocado and I can't wait to try it.  I've also heard about Caffe Cagliari - who make Nespresso compatible pods.  As I'm being a bit careful with my caffeine intake at the moment, something like this which has a controlled amount of caffeine in it is of definite appeal.  I do really wish that I could make my coffees look like this...:-

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