Pesto and pine nut bread

Friday, 23 May 2014
My bread maker gave up a couple of weeks ago.  It hadn't had a bad run, regular/heavy use for three and a half years.  It was a good little machine with its problems - sometimes not entirely mixed, sometimes not entirely risen properly.

Then the kneading hook fell through the bottom.  Along with all of the ingredients.  Which included milk, onto the warmed bottom of the machine.

I probably could have replaced the bread pan, or welded the hook back in somehow but all the other little issues made me think it was probably time for a change.  I looked for recommendations on Twitter and Facebook page and consistently, Panasonic came up as a good option.

This post isn't about that purchase however - I'm sure I'll share that at a future date, maybe for my blog's first birthday which is coming up very soon.

Instead, it's about what to do when you have a bit of Wild garlic pesto left over.  Two tablespoons to be precise.  It's about what to do when you have a bag of pine nuts that you are desperately trying to convince yourself that you shouldn't eat the rest of that bag of pine nuts...

Ingredients for a medium loaf (500g): -

200g wholemeal flour
200g strong bread flour
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
10g butter
2 tablespoons wild garlic pesto
75g pine nuts
290ml water
1 teaspoon of dried yeast

Add according to order requested by your bread maker - my new one now says dry ingredients first then wet ingredients.  Run through a wholemeal programme.

I particularly enjoyed this toasted with cashew butter, or even with a bit of brie, cooked through.

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