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Thursday, 26 June 2014
I'm back!  You may have noticed a slight blip in the posting at KneadWhine in this last week.  Frankly, I was pulling myself in too many directions and sadly, the things that are the things I enjoy were the things that I had to put to one side briefly.  Reading is another of those things; I'm quite looking forward to delving back into Sharp Objects.

I was hoping to share a couple of guest posts with you but sometimes these things don't quite work out the way you planned.  I do have a couple more on the way though, so watch this space!

So what have I been doing in the last few weeks?  I'm an examiner, so that has taken up a rather large proportion of my time.  I've also been continuing to grow Eggy - she's into the third trimester now and as wriggly as can be.  Mr K has finally seen a wiggle but D still isn't patient enough.  He's still convinced that she's going to be called Paula....  My ankles have all but disappeared and uninterrupted sleep is already a thing of the past but we are in to the final countdown.  I'm really looking forward to meeting her.

We went to a couple of transition sessions at D's school.  He starts there in September.  If you follow me on Twitter you may well know that there are some issues with this.  He's not got into our first choice school which is a five minute walk from our house and we can practically see from our back window.  Not only did he not get in but he's far enough down the waiting list that it's pretty unlikely that he'll get in over the next year.

Instead we got our second choice.  I am pretty conflicted about this.  The school is a good one and his new teacher seems very good.  I'm trying to put feelers out for other people in his class to get to know and that is positive but there are a lot of inconveniences.  The school is a twenty-five minute walk away.  With a newborn, that's not going to be a good idea.  It seems likely that we'll have to drive for some of the time and I had really hoped to avoid that as he's been 'commuting' with me three days a week for the last three years.  It's not as far as the commute was (anywhere between 35 minutes to an hour depending on the season/traffic) but it's not the idyllic scoot to primary school I had envisaged.

The transition period is pretty slow too - which I recognise is good for children who haven't been in a school/nursery setting but D has been going for three years.  He's going to have an eight week summer.  I love spending time with him and I'm looking forward to lots of activities and trips but I can't help but be a little bit worried that he'll have all this time with me only to start at school and get a new sister in the space of a week or so.

As a result of all of the school stuff, we've had to come to the decision that next May we'll probably have to put the house on the market.  We'll probably have to move.  It was a long term aim but we had hoped to hold it off for a couple more years just so we could make a slightly bigger jump.  Unfortunately, it seems very unlikely that we will be able to get wraparound care that will work for us at D's school (I have the car and leave at 7:10, travelling in the opposite direction to the school) and Mr K, who could have dropped him off before heading to work if we had our first choice, can't manage it either.

We are still not entirely sure on where we move to.  Somewhere closer to my job?  Somewhere closer to the new school?  Somewhere else entirely?  It's a bit of a quandary.  We do at least have a little bit of time to make these decisions.

I'll be sad to leave the house we are in.  Although we've very much outgrown it and it has its problems, it was the first house that Mr K and I bought together and we've lived here for seven years now.  It's a lovely walk to town from where we live and I've built up a good network of friends.

Recently, Knight Frank got in contact with their videos on buying and selling and that's definitely good timing - funnily enough, schools are mentioned as a reason for people deciding that they need to move on.  Here's one talking about places you can go to get information about the property market: -

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