Review of Graze's new breakfasts

Tuesday, 3 June 2014
Recently, Graze have moved away from their porridge-only box into a box that involves granolas, cereals and porridges and doesn't involve the little portions of honey any more - good for me!

I got my last box a fortnight ago and breakfasts have rarely been so exciting!  

My box came with the following treats: - 

Pecan and walnut porridge - I've already talked about this porridge in an earlier post, although at the time it came in a smaller portion and with a portion of honey on the side.  It's nice to have the larger portion and not have to pass the honey portion on.  It feels like a substantial breakfast now - although I wonder if, when I return to propointing early next year, I'll have to split it into two portions.  The only change since the boxes are the honey almond slivers which didn't add a strong honey taste.  

Toasted Quinoa granola with zested orange - this intrigued me as quinoa is something I've only really made use of in my cooking in the last few months.  I liked the quinoa but I was less convinced by the orange - I'm just not an orangey person and chewy orange peel just didn't work for me in the breakfast setting.  Shame really as the quinoa was nice.  

Summer Fayre is a great mix of dried berries, granola and flakes.  It feels like a slightly lighter breakfast than the other three and that's nice too.  It certainly fits into its summer moniker.  

Honey hunter - I was a bit unsure about this one and left it until last, once again because of the honey thing.  A breakfast full of different nuts was never going to be left forever though and this really is filled with a decent amount of them.  A massive pregnancy craving has been pecans and this didn't disappoint. So much so that I've moved it from 'try' to 'love'.  

So - plus points and minus points.  
+I love that you get a little portion of something different that feels a bit special.  There certainly isn't any skimping on ingredients.  I've since had the rugged maple and pecan granola which is chock full of pecans.
+I love that macadamia nuts are finally back in the Graze kitchen.  I have hopes that they might start appearing in some of the snack boxes again.
+I'm really glad to see the back of the honey portion packs, although I know that D will miss them.  
+I much prefer the packaging now.  Much neater, takes up less space both in my cupboard and in my bin.  
-The price.  At £1 a portion, they aren't cheap and I'm going to have to wrestle myself over that at some point in the near future when maternity leave beckons.  

At the moment, I'm receiving a box a fortnight and that seems about right, meaning I get a couple of mornings a week of a really nice breakfast.  

If you are interested in getting a free box and trying it out (you do have to sign up with a card and then cancel it if you don't want it after the first one), go to Graze's breakfast website and type in ZJV62J76.  If you are a new grazer, you'll get your first box free.  If you already have a Graze account, you'll get an extra box free.  Nothing lost by giving it a try.  

I'm really hoping to get the strawberries and cream one soon!

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