Baking powder biscuits

Wednesday, 9 July 2014
When I was growing up, I remember my Dad making these sometimes at the weekend for breakfast based on a recipe that his (American) Dad had used when he was growing up.  It was the kind of thing that was made if you ran out of bread and I have to admit, I've made them twice in the last fortnight.  I'm kind of continuing the American theme for a little longer than the 4th of July...

This isn't quite that recipe but it's similar and it's a recipe that D greatly enjoyed getting involved in.  Despite the moniker, these are more like scones than biscuits and go really well with a bit of butter - or if you are D (okay, okay, or if you are ME), a bit of cashew butter.

These are a pretty quick make and very child friendly.

Stats:- makes anywhere between eight and twelve biscuits, depending on the size of your cutter.
Ingredients: -
250g plain flour
15g baking powder
5g sugar
5g salt
105g unsalted butter
175ml milk

Preheat your oven to gas mark eight.

Sift flour into a large mixing bowl.  D greatly enjoys watching the scales to make sure that they reach the required number.  Add the baking powder, sugar and salt and mix these together.

Cut your butter into cubes and put them into the bowl.  At this point, I told D that he needed to bury the 'treasure' (the butter) from the pirates, squishing it and combining it with the dry ingredients.  He took great glee at this.

Once you have something that resembles breadcrumbs, add the milk and mix to a sticky dough.  D doesn't quite have the strength to combine it all but he does quite like the fact that it becomes a sticky dough.

Flour a work surface and put the dough on to it.  Roll it out flat - again this is a job that D can get started on but often needs a bit of help with.  Fold over a third of the dough and then another third of the dough - a bit like trying to fold up a letter.  Roll out again, until the dough is about 5cm thick.

Flour your cutter and then cut, trying to get as many as possible out of the dough, then re-balling, re-folding and re-rolling.

Line a tray with baking paper and put the biscuits on.  Bake for about fifteen minutes and allow to cool a little on a wiring rack.  Don't leave for too long as these are at their best when still a little warm.  They should be easy to split in half.

These are guaranteed to disappear quickly.  What would you put on yours?

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