Edible Mosaic's Dal Makhani

Tuesday, 22 July 2014
A bit of a quick one from me.  Today is my last day at work before the summer holidays and maternity leave.  I've packed the summer with lots of activities and day trips for D.  I'm looking forward to it but a little nervous about the continuance of this heat... I'm afraid it's really not agreeing with me at seven months... 

It's also D's last day at preschool today.  He's pretty nervous about the massive changes heading his way.  I think he'll be fine once he starts school but an eight week run up to it isn't the best.

Last time I made something from An Edible Mosaic, I was all about trying to drop the propoints: - Smoky cauliflower soup, back in the days when I did Sunday soup... 

These days, I'm a little less conscious of the calories and dal makhani is one of those meals that I often plump for if I see it at an Indian restaurant.  It's devilish, hiding cream and butter inside that silky smooth sauce.  It also features a lentil I hadn't come across before - urad dal, a kind of small greenish lentil.

Faith's recipe for Dal Makhani takes a good while to make but it is very worth it.  It made two good adult sized portions, a D sized portion and three lunches for me.  I served it with a mini garlic and coriander naan and some plain boiled rice.

As it was a recipe I was making with D in mind, I omitted the dried chillies and I didn't have any fenugreek.  I substituted the ghee with butter.  

I should also mention that this is one of those recipes that does need a bit of an eye on it.  The stock pot was a little bit welded at the end of the cooking time.  Mr K very nearly threw it away rather than scrubbing at it.

I'll definitely be making this again though... with that more careful eye!  It was a popular meal with all of us.  

I'll be linking this to Tinned TomatoesBookmarked Recipe challenge.

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